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The four levels of the Sculp© system deliver a cutting-edge leadership development system for you to become the powerful creator of a better future for yourself, your family, and your community.


Men's Level 1 

100H Core Enrichment™

Level 1 is the bedrock of your program to Self-Mastery. The program helps you identify what's missing in your life and pursue your sincere and deepest heart's desires. Imagine how great you feel moving towards fulfilment, knowing where you are heading, and with Sculp as your ally.

The Sculp© system? It's like a universal guide for leadership, based on timeless principles, not just trendy tricks. So, whether you're as green as grass or wise as Yoda, this system's got your back. Unless you don't have internet. Then you're doomed. Or you don't have a better support/GPS system, which we haven't found.

Program begins 29 April. Applications open.

Men's Level 2 

100H Leadership Modeling 1™

Haven't you always dreamed of feeling fully understood, welcomed as you are, and people actually listening to you? Well, become that person first and make others feel this way. This is your next step to mature leadership.

Welcome to Level 2, where you practice the elusive skill that many leaders overlook: the art of being receptive. Yes, that means actually listening, understanding, and building trust before you unleash your inner commander.

You'll also become better at inspiring others and getting them to take positive action just by being yourself. Connect to the underlying energy in you, your intuition, and help others do the same.

Men's Level 3 

100H Leadership Modeling 2™

Now that you know how to lead yourself and listen to the true needs of others you are welcomed into the realm of influence. You have earned trust and respect which gives you power to support others through your directive guidance. This form of leadership is rare, yet more more needed than ever. 

In Level 3, there are less places to hide. You will notice a demand for taking more responsibility and ownership in your life through the increased pressure of the container and tasks you're supposed to handle as part of your training. Together we'll face your fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs which enhances your courage, self-esteem, and faith. 


As a leader you are only able to take people as deep as you are willing to go.

We'll help you get there. 

Men's Level 4 

Sculp© Trainer Program


You have shown commitment, effort, and sincerity towards your growth. Following the successful completion of Level 3, Sculp© will begin making its investment in you with the intention of you becoming a trainer, contributor and potentially a shareholder.


I wish I could tell you that you are now done and finished and completed and whole. No more learning needed, no more lessons to be faced. But you already know that the adventure has just begun, and this will continue until you die. Level 4 welcomes you into the ranks of the Jedi—a calling to continue amassing wisdom in service to the greater good and a better future for generations to come.

You'll be on a constant evolutionary journey of becoming the man of your dreams. Here is your platform to become that.


Daniel Müller;

Co-Founder & Head Trainer

Co-founder of hale breath center; Wim Hof Method Instructor Level 2; Evolution Coach; Rite of Passage Facilitator; creator of Ice & Breath Transformational Workshop; Authentic Relating Facilitator

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-13 at 9.20.21 PM.jpeg

Sami Hakala;

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer


Head trainer at hale breath center; bodyworker; performance & mobility specialist; sound healer; ceremonial and rites of passage facilitator; sweat lodge facilitator; Authentic Relating Training Level 2

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-13 at 9.20_edited

Fabian Bolin;

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer

Multi-award winning serial entrepreneur, Co-founder and former CEO at War on Cancer; Conscious Business Leadership Coach; Breathwork Coach; Speaker, and Podcaster.


Jocke Falk.png

Joackim Falk

Sculp© Trainer Program

Arvid Malmer.png

Arvid Malmer

Sculp© Trainer Program

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 10.26.58.png

Paul LeRoy

Sculp© Trainer Program

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 10.29.18.png

Felix Berglund

Sculp© Trainer Program

Rabi Jallo.png

Rabi Jallo

Sculp© Trainer Program

Tommy Berglind.png

Tommy Berglind

Sculp© Trainer Program

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