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Empowerment Coach and Level 4 Trainer @ Sculp


After hitting rockbottom 15 years ago a spiritual awkening forced me to look into the dephts of my own destructive behaivour and face my wounding and shadows. Since i first was introduced to MensWork at 2016 i have managed to re-write my story and now I use my past as a gift dedicating myself to supporting men on their healing journey.


My talents are: To mix lightheartedness into containers where doing serious and hard work. Inner seeing and strong Processawarness for the collective and Individuals. Authentic Leadership


I help men with: Self-Mastery, Inner child work, Overcoming people pleasing, Spritual navigation and Integration, Service to others, Lightwarrior Mentality, Masculine and Femenine Polarity, Deconditioning of negative self-beliefs, Jungian phsychology and shadow work, Unworthyness, The inner judge/critic.

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Level 4 Coach & Trainer @ Sculp

For me, one of life's greatest gift is to witness when a profound insight unfold for somebody. That is why today I am a coach. My own journey of transformation began 14 years ago, sparked by a pivotal moment of self-discovery through meditation, which remains one of my core practices today. Over the years I've been through many challenges of despair but in the end everything made me the person I am today.


My talents are: Deep listening, presence and seeing people's highest potential.


I help men with: Transitioning from feeling empty to embracing wholeness, Reconnecting with the artist within, Inner child work, Emotional healing, Overcoming self-doubt, Shame and insecurities, Stepping into their greatest version of themselves.


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