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Why is the training only for men?

To properly utilize a full-spectrum training approach, which means creating the level impact we feel is necessary, biology must be considered. To be clear, we are talking about biological sex — not gender or masculine and feminine energies — simply pairs of chromosomes: XX or XY.


Men and women are much more alike than they are different. Solely for the purpose of training efficacy, though, we need to acknowledge what makes them different. The genetic makeup of a man — his hormones, cells, reproductive organs, etc. — needs to be factored into the process of shaping him, as does the impact of life-long social conditioning experienced by both men and women.

Our goal is to one day incorporate training programs that cater to both sexes (and of course all genders), but for now we want to focus solely on maximizing our ability to create better men — not so they can be better than anyone, but so they can be better for everyone. 

Can the same connection and results be achieved through virtual training?

Meeting in person, most people would argue, tends to promote a deeper connection than meeting virtually. Based on insights gathered from trainee testimonials, however, we’ve found that regular virtual meetings can also generate a profound sense of connection and reciprocity. After one or two weeks, as members of the container get used to the dynamic and continue moving past their own personal mental barriers, many grow to appreciate the level of safety provided by doing this sort of work from the comfort of their own homes.

Why are the sessions so early?

We know that for many people waking up early can be quite difficult. But by pushing through this challenge day after day, many Sculp© trainees have found a level of self-discipline and productivity not previously accessible to them. Inspired by Robin Sharma’s philosophy and book The 5AM Club, we also decided to implement the early wakeups to encourage trainees to cut out the distractions before bed (Netflix, social media scrolling, etc.), so that they might “use those precious morning hours for something meaningful.”

Why is it every day for 60 days?

When a group of individuals go through a challenging experience together, it creates a unique bond between them. Developing a solid foundation of trust on which to shape each container is crucial to the success of the program. It also takes 66 days (on average) to formulate a habit. Our intention is to make every container as tight as possible, as the insights and tools developed during training become ingrained in each man’s new way of living.

What is men's personal development?

We have summarized men's personal development as men coming together to become better men. As young boys, we might not have been getting the best input or upbringing, largely due to an absence of healthy role models in our lives but also due to a lack of proper initiation.


In adulthood, our male friends are often more like drinking buddies. Or we tend to only talk about superficial things because we don't want to dig into the stuff that makes us uncomfortable, like how we are actually feeling. 


Men's personal development aims to create spaces where anything standing in the way of becoming a better man is brought to awareness and integrated. Everything that supports becoming a better man is being nurtured and cultivated. It has shown to be incredibly useful to be exclusive only in the company of other men due to a wide range of factors - an extensive topic on its own.

Here we create a circle of friends, mentors, and brothers, who are your biggest cheerleaders, team players, and your coaches at the same time, meaning;

✓ They genuinely want you to succeed, and they are on the sidelines cheering you on

✓ They are part of your team, in the trenches right by your side

✓ They let you know where you are not showing up and where you have to raise your standards


To say it plainly, we guarantee results. Meaning, at the end of the program, if you're not happy with the man you have become after 100 hours with us, we have failed you and will take full responsibility - and give you 100% of your money back. And yes, there's one condition: You must show up. You must attend at least 80% of the daily group sessions and give your full effort from start to finish.

We rarely understand the true benefit of an experience until it's over. When it’s all over, you won’t need any convincing from us; you’ll be able to feel the difference for yourself.

We also understand that life comes with all sorts of unexpected challenges. So if an actual emergency comes up and you need to excuse yourself from the program (free trips and hurt feelings don’t qualify), you will be given the opportunity to join a future container at no additional cost.

*Refunds issued to date: 1



This fully online program is spread out over 60 consecutive days, during which participants engage with the Seven Dimensions of being human: physical, emotional, mental, heart and compassion, will and talent, soul, and the divine. The sessions take place every morning from 5 to 6:30 a.m., and each week focuses on one of the Eight Aspects of Wealth: self-mastery, fitness, relationships, career/mission, economics, mentorship, lifestyle, and service. Through the cultivation of these eight crucial elements, participants will bring both direction and fulfillment into their lives. By committing to this holistic approach, the 100-HMT condenses years of personal development work down into just 60 days.


Commitment to Consistency:

The daily schedule ensures that participants have ample time to immerse themselves in transformative experiences and establish lasting habits. We also place the highest value on the consistency of training for all future coaches and trainers.

Full-Spectrum Approach:

Our holistic approach integrates all the Seven Dimensions of being human as we take a dive deep into the Eight Aspects of Wealth. When combined, these fundamental frameworks create a comprehensive, well-rounded, and widely accessible personal development experience.

Emphasis on Community:

During every 100-HMT, participants will also engage in weekly meetings with their assigned mentor and subgroup, as well as receive access to our exclusive community platform that lasts for the following year. This approach allows every member to benefit from a supportive network of like-minded individuals who are each on a similar personal development journey.

Accessibility at Your Fingertips:

Because our program is entirely online, trainees can participate from anywhere in the world. This also gives participants the freedom to engage with SCULP’s training resources at their own pace and convenience.

Career Move/Education:

This training offers both personal exploration alongside a dedicated community and the opportunity to explore leadership in the realm of men's work. Consider your engagement with SCULP both a potential career transition and a pathway to expanding your potential. As a brand and training program, SCULP plans to acquire an internationally recognized license for men's coaching, comparable to the renowned 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Presently, a global certification of this kind doesn’t exist. This is the space SCULP intends to enter, making all of its members part of a pioneering movement dedicated to the global development of men's work.

By adhering to these core values, we strive to provide a transformative and accessible program that empowers individuals to grow and thrive in all aspects of their lives. Let’s create the future of men’s personal development together.

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