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Men's Level 3 

100H Directive Leadership Modeling™

Program starts: 29 April. Applications open now.


Choose your path forward.

This might be the most important decision of your life. Okay maybe not, but we'd love to know how we can best support you.

Men's Level 1 

100H Core Enrichment™

Program starts: 29 April. Applications open now.

Sculp© is a 360° multi-dimensional approach to male enhancement utilizing time-tested and experimental methods for the optimization of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, a.k.a. your ability to perform.

Our three-tiered, flagship system — that starts with the 100-Hour Men's Core Enrichment — is facilitated by movement wizards, breathwork executives, business gurus, and open heart sorcerers who will morph your body, bewitch your soul, reveal your wealth, and predict your future.

Yes, it's hocus pocus. And it works.

In other words, a full-spectrum program covering all facets of manhood supported by mentors, coaches, trainers and friends. For us, the best support system available. The aim is to accelerate your success and growth and to connect you with other men.


Besides a deep journey into yourself together with your fellow Jedi's, this training can be the first step towards becoming a certified Sculp© men's mentor, coach, and trainer. You can think of it as a potential new career move and an opportunity to step into leadership with regards to men’s work and coaching, either with us directly here at Sculp©, as a solopreneur, or both. 

Listen to what our clients say.


Using our uniquely esoteric personality mapping system, the Sculp© Map, we carefully assess your specific situation and progress — your goals, ambitions, fears, past-lives, etc. ensuring our approach meets both your individual needs and those of the group.


Through the Sculp© map, where you are, where you want to go and a possible way to get there becomes incredibly simple. Here is THE roadmap to navigate your life. Leaving no stone unturned.

The Sculp© map consists of the inner seven dimensions and the eight outer aspects of wealth (and guess what, they are all connected) which is the terrain of our work together at

The 100-Hour Men's Core Enrichment - and the rest of your life.

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Measure, develop, and create mastery in your seven dimensions.

Build longevity and create strength, flexibility, and endurance in your physical body.

Free yourself from limiting beliefs around scarcity. Find your way to support your financial needs and make your money work for you.

Commit to building a world-class level of being.

Learn the tools you need to build deep and intimate relationships.

Do you feel you are where you are meant to be? If you aren't, we will help you. If you are, we will support you.

Be around human beings who inspire and support you.

Make the lives of others better and become the positive impact and contribution you have been waiting for.


These are the dimensions of life we must integrate and gain full awareness of in order to thrive as human beings. Throughout the 100-Hour Men's Core Enrichment, you will continually explore, discover, connect and develop them:

Become as free of preventable diseases, injuries, and illnesses as possible

Gain access to a wide range of feelings and possess the communication tools necessary to describe them

Make your mind your friend and let you intelligence work for you.

Cultivate and express care and compassion for yourself and others. Practice empathy and forgiveness.

Know yourself - your needs, desires, the things you like and dislike to be able to anticipate what your future self needs from you 

Connect to your soul and access the deeper knowing of your heart.

The Divine is the sum of all six dimensions. The whole expression of yourself. All dimensions united in awareness and contribution.

So why Sculp©?

Reason #1: The world needs you.


At the moment, humanity seems to be lacking strong, awake, emotionally superior men who are willing to take responsibility for themselves and support the growth of those around them. You know the type: Professionals who lead by example. Men who show up when they’re needed. Men who keep their word, take action, make things better, and inspire others to follow their example. Essentially, the man you want to be, could be, and will be — if you are willing to do the work.

Reason #2: Everyone wants to be on the cutting edge of personal development — but we actually are.


What we’re offering is different than anything that’s been tried before. Influenced by both modern science and hippie nonsense, the Sculp© system is a blend of cognitive therapy techniques, breathwork, ancient healing rituals, Authentic Relating practices, and hyper-functional bodywork. To shape men according to their imagined ideal, we use a light touch and a heavy hand — both a scalpel and an axe.

Reason #3: It’s a cult — well, at least as mutually supportive as one.

Our mission is to bring the wisdom, experiences, and divine energy of individual men together to create a collective space where all can benefit. You will ultimately go through this process as an individual — finding self-mastery and self-acceptance, through self-governance and self-awareness — but you’ll do it with the unflinching support of a like-hearted tribe.

Reason #4: It's an opportunity to level up your life and career.


The three levels of the Sculp© system were designed to build upon each other as you progress towards becoming an expert sculptor of superior men.


  • Level 1: 100-Hour Men's Core Enrichment

    • Level 1 is the critical foundation of our program: your first step toward personal mastery no matter your age, place, position, or range of experience.

  • Level 2: 100-Hour Mentor Modeling

    • ​​During Level 2, you will receive focused, in-depth mentorship and Authentic Relating instruction while you function as a mentor for the next group of Level 1 participants. Advancing to,

  • Level 3: 100-Hour Trainer Forging  — aka “Guru School"

    • ​Moving on to Level 3 you will automatically become a Sculp© Prospect Trainer, as you collect and sharpen a variety of professional mind-washing and facilitation skills. 


After that, Sculp© will begin making its investment in you...

A better question: why not Sculp©?

We know the dark side isn’t for everyone. Only you can say if this path is the right one for you. But understanding your motivations and, more importantly, your hesitations is a good place to start. For many men this process runs away like a falling row of dominos — as soon as they seriously ask themselves: Do I want to change and become free more than I enjoy being comfortable?

With Sculp©, you'll more than likely get what you’re expecting — but you’ll definitely get what you need. Like we said, it’s a bunch of hocus pocus. And we (literally) guarantee that it works.

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Our guarantee


To say it plainly, we guarantee results. Meaning, at the end of the program, if you're not happy with the man you have become after 100 hours with us, we have failed you and will take full responsibility - and give you 100% of your money back. And yes, there's one condition: You must show up. You must attend at least 80% of the daily group sessions and give your full effort from start to finish.

We rarely understand the true benefit of an experience until it's over. When it’s all over, you won’t need any convincing from us; you’ll be able to feel the difference for yourself.

We also understand that life comes with all sorts of unexpected challenges. So if an actual emergency comes up and you need to excuse yourself from the program (free trips and hurt feelings don’t qualify), you will be given the opportunity to join a future container at no additional cost.

*Refunds issued to date: 0


Daniel Müller;

Co-Founder & Head Trainer

Co-founder of hale breath center; Wim Hof Method Instructor Level 2; Evolution Coach; Rite of Passage Facilitator; creator of Ice & Breath Transformational Workshop; Authentic Relating Facilitator

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-13 at 9.20.21 PM.jpeg

Sami Hakala;

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer


Head trainer at hale breath center; bodyworker; performance & mobility specialist; sound healer; ceremonial and rites of passage facilitator; sweat lodge facilitator; Authentic Relating Training Level 2

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-13 at 9.20_edited

Fabian Bolin;

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer

Co-founder and former CEO at War on Cancer; Conscious Business Leadership Coach; Breathwork Coach; TEDx Speaker.

A closer look


After creating this potent, deeply worldly and spiritual program — utilizing both time-tested and experimental methods that we’ve geared to optimize physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual performance — we aimed it straight at the 21st-century Westerner.

sculp man symbol_original.png

Every day, for 60 days, we meet at 5am to do a 90-minute live hosted virtual session 

sculp man symbol_original.png

Every week, you'll meet in a smaller group for 90 minutes with your mentor (who was a past Level 1). This is your sub-team.

sculp man symbol_original.png

Once a month, you'll have your 45 minute 1on1 with your mentor. Here you will deep dive.

sculp man symbol_original.png

You'll have a designated accountability buddy. This is your blood brother throughout the journey.

sculp man symbol_original.png

You'll have life-long access to the recordings of the larger group sessions.

sculp man symbol_original.png

Assessment and self-inquiry through the Sculp© Map.  

sculp man symbol_original.png

Communication platform with all members and trainers.

sculp man symbol_original.png

Becoming part of a network of men who are ready to support you in life.

sculp man symbol_original.png

1-year free access to the Sculp© Training & Community Hub

sculp man symbol_original.png

For one weekend, we'll gather everyone for a physical retreat, intended for your connection, joy, and the forming of hopefully lifelong bonds. 

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