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We have summarized men's work as men coming together to become better men. As young boys, we might not have been getting the best input or upbringing, largely due to an absence of healthy role models in our lives but also due to a lack of proper initiation.


In adulthood, our male friends are often more like drinking buddies. Or we tend to only talk about superficial things because we don't want to dig into the stuff that makes us uncomfortable, like how we are actually feeling. 


Men's work aims to create spaces where anything standing in the way of becoming a better man is brought to awareness and integrated. Everything that supports becoming a better man is being nurtured and cultivated. It has shown to be incredibly useful to be exclusive only in the company of other men due to a wide range of factors - an extensive topic on its own.

Here we create a circle of friends, mentors, and brothers, who are your biggest cheerleaders, team players, and your coaches at the same time, meaning;

They genuinely want you to succeed, and they are on the sidelines cheering you on

They are part of your team, in the trenches right by your side

They let you know where you are not showing up and where you have to raise your standards

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